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Partitions & Dividers

Partitions and dividers don’t have to be unsightly. In fact, they can add to the aesthetic of your office or retail environment. Limiting airborne contact and noise distractions, our modular solutions are available in ready-to-ship designs or can be custom made to suit your needs.



Workplace Satisfaction

Science has proven giving employees more control of their workspace increases job satisfaction, productivity and morale.

Acoustically Sound
Limit Airborne Contact
Fully Customizable
Made in USA

wall partitions

Partition walls are an easy way to create individual workspaces that keep the open office environment alive. Available in free forms and curves with transparent acrylic or acoustical tension fabric that allows custom print graphics.

Custom wall partition with pin board


floor partitions

Available in free-forms and curves, these floor partitions utilize rigid aluminum framing and acrylic or custom-printed tension fabric. These dividers can add simple barriers for airborne contact and sound, all while enhancing an environment with modern appeal.



desk & table dividers

Desk & table dividers are simple and effective solutions to break up hot desks, benching, or lunch tables. These modular solutions are versatile and can be adapted should your needs ever change.

Desk Divider, Meeting Room


rolling dividers

Rolling dividers are fast and easy solutions to create barriers when you need them, wherever you need them. These customizable & modular solutions are flexible and foldable!

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Rolling Divider, Foldable