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Meeting Room
four series


Foster innovation and collaboration. Keep 1-on-1 discussions private and give teams space while making the most of your floor plan. The Four Series modular prefab Meeting Room is a creative space for new ideas and growth.


Acoustically Sound

Keep conversations private and escape from the noise.

Easy Installation

Ships flat, easily assembles, and move with the changes.


Choose colors and finishes to match your branding or office design.

Made in the USA

Designed and manufactured with quality and sustainability in mind.


Meeting Room
Sprinkler-ready, should requirements ever change
Automatic LED lights
Acoustically sound experience to keep conversations private and escape from the noise
Full customization options to match your branding or office environment
Built-in essentials for modern communications, including USB-A & USB-C ports, 120-volt outlet and Ethernet/cable feed
Bench seats & desk included
Industry-only, patent-pending bifold door with acoustically-engineered dual-pane laminated glass
Leveling feet
Quad fan air circulation that replaces air within the meeting room every minute.

A Bifold

maximizing space utilization

When meeting the requirements of International Building Codes, Cubicall’s patent-pending bifold door reduces the minimum encroachment requirement by more than 50%.

Ensure Compliance Learn More

Cubicall bifold door
UV germicidal irradiation

Automated UV Disinfection

Optional hassle-free disinfection during and after each use. Using the latest UV technology, the autonomous process continually disinfects surfaces and air by inactivating pathogens and viruses, including SARS-CoV-2— while being completely safe for occupants within the booth.

How it Works

Powered by patented Care222® filtered Far UV-C technology, Cubicall UV Phone Booths with PURO Protect 222 utilize a proven & safe narrow band of 222nm UV light emission to effectively inactivate viruses, bacteria & fungi.

The integrated fixture filters out harmful UV wavelengths to create a safe environment for occupants within the booth while inactivating surface and airborne pathogens. PURO Protect 222 is UL listed, achieving the highest level of safety as approved by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

  • Independently tested and certified by UL
  • Continual operation meets exposure guidelines for occupied space established by the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)
  • 2-year warranty with 5-year system life
  • Meets California ozone emissions limit; CARB certified

24/7 surface & air disinfection

Safe for Occupants

Maintenance Free

UV Tested & Certified

76% of the time, conference rooms are occupied by four or fewer*. Cubicall’s efficient design makes the most of your floor plan.


Cubicall Four Series – Meeting Room

Starting at $14,995


38" x 77.75" x 84"


41.25" x 79.5" x 88.5"


37.45" x 28.35" x 3"; 34" from floor


36.25" x 14.375" x 5.65"; 20.75" from floor


USB-A and USB-C ports, three 120v outlets, Ethernet/cable feed; 120v power cable


Automatic 5000k LED lights with motion/occupancy sensor


Quad fan air circulation replacing air every minute


Fully customizable; walls, acoustic panels, seat, desk, carpet/floor


We’ve done the leg work so you don’t have to. Our pre-fabricated booths that assemble within 45-90 minutes save you time and money so you don’t have to obtain permits or chase contractors.


Don’t limit your workspace with permanent build outs. Our modular designs move with the changes. Whether that’s on the same floor or into new spaces, our booths disassemble and reassemble.

0222 Meeting-Owl

Video Conferencing

never miss a face or voice

With the Meeting Owl from Owl Labs, ensure all occupants within a Cubicall Meeting Room are seen & heard on conference calls.

The all-in-one, 360° conference smart camera, microphone and speaker fits perfectly within the Cubicall Four Series— allowing for plenty of open desk space.

Say goodbye to screeching feedback while keeping your teams naturally engaged.

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The office within an office. Perfect for temporary private offices or extended focus needs to meet those can’t-miss deadlines.

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A social nook that reduces noise and distractions for casual meetings and breaks. Swap out the benches and desk with bean bag chairs or couches for even more R&R.

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X Series

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The perfect combo for a safe & productive office

let your workforce book rooms remotely while monitoring who used a room and when

If phone booths and meeting rooms have become the most sought after asset in your workplace, you’re not alone. A room management system ensures your team can access a room when they need it most while preventing “campers.”  But it’s also a great tool to conduct contact tracing should the need ever arise.

Interactive, real-time, and sustainable, Joan will help you improve the efficiency of your workspace. Joan prevents double bookings, confusion, and meeting interruptions while allowing you to monitor who used a booth and when.

Save on every Joan Device when you pair them with Cubicall Phone Booths Learn More

Place Joan directly on a phone booth and book it remotely through leading calendar services or an app.

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