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Isolation Pods &

Testing Booths

Designed to meet healthcare requirements, Cubicall’s American-made solutions isolate patients, employees and aerosol-generating exams.

Our prefabricated modular pods include negative pressure HEPA filtration, automated UV germicidal irradiation, hospital-grade flooring, antimicrobial walls and more.

No costly build outs • Permits not required
Exam Pod Onsite Testing

Negative Pressure

5-stage negative pressure HEPA filtration with UVC disinfection

Easy Installation

Booths ship flat, easily assemble with a few tools, and move with the changes.


Choose colors, finishes and features to match facility requirements.

Made in the USA

Designed and manufactured with quality and sustainability in mind.



Exam Pod

Exam Pod Private Doctors Office

space saving &

efficient isolation

Isolate medical exams to help ensure efficient processes and healthcare compliance. The efficient design fits within facilities so healthcare workers can focus on what they do best.

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Isolation Pod

modularity & scale

for the frontline

Modular healthcare isolation solution with a larger footprint to address expanded requirements. Customize Isolation Pods by extending or contracting the pod in 2ft increments.

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Isolation Pod 1720-1

Employee Testing

Exam Pod Onsite Testing

redefine your workplace,

reassure your workforce

Onsite testing for employees to keep your workplace safe, compliant and productive. Convert them into meeting rooms or phone booths for future use.

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We’ve done the leg work so you don’t have to. Our pre-fabricated booths that assemble within 45-90 minutes save you time and money so you don’t have to obtain permits or chase contractors.


Don’t limit your workspace with permanent build outs. Our modular designs move with the changes. Move booths to where they’re needed or store for future use.