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Custom Modular

Office Solutions

American-made, prefabricated office solutions. Create dynamic and flexible workplaces that inspire, improve satisfaction and increase productivity.

No costly build outs. Permission not required.

Cubicall Office Privacy & Healthcare Isolation Solutions

The Phone Booth

An office essential. Perfect for private communication, heads-down work, virtual meetings or personal breaks from distractions.

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The Meeting Room

Productive collaboration and 1-on-1’s. Give teams space while making the most of your floor plan. Add-on 180º camera for team video conferences.

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The Study

The office within an office. Perfect for temporary private offices or extended focus needs to meet those can’t-miss deadlines.

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The Alcove

A social nook that reduces noise and distractions for casual meetings and breaks. Swap out the benches and desk with bean bag chairs or couches for even more R&R.

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Custom Workspaces

prefabricated custom workspace from cubicall

office solutions for the new normal

The X Series from Cubicall isolates individual workspaces to deliver an acoustically sound experience for privacy and help limit airborne contact.

The prefabricated workspace system can be built within ready floor plans and around current office furniture. Prepare your office for the new normal — without the build outs, permits or headaches.

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Acoustically Sound

Keep conversations private and escape from the noise.

Easy Installation

Booths ship flat, easily assemble with a few tools, and move with the changes.


Choose colors and finishes to match your branding or office design.

Made in the USA

Designed and manufactured with quality and sustainability in mind.



redefine your workplace, reassure your workforce

Cubicall Two Series UV phone booths provide hassle-free disinfection after each use. Using the latest UV technology and military-grade sensors, the automated process inactivates bacteria, pathogens and viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, up to 99.99% efficacy.

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UV Phone Booth for After-use Disinfection

Exam Pods

Exam Pod Onsite Testing

isolation rooms

for testing & care

Isolate employee Covid-19 tests with hassle-free, automated disinfection. iCubicall Pods feature negative pressure HEPA filtration, UV germicidal irradiation, and anti-microbial walls.

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Partitions &


safety doesn’t have to sacrifice aesthetics

Contrary to the norm, partitions and dividers can add to the aesthetic of your office or retail environment. Limiting airborne contact and noise distractions, our modular solutions are available in ready-to-ship designs or can be custom made to suit your needs.

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Custom lounge partition
coworking cubicall

engage your workforce, boost productivity

Distracting and uniform workplaces can drain morale and productivity. Studies show that providing private/ focus spaces and dynamic environments increase job satisfaction, productivity, innovation and health.

working-from-home cubicall

keep workspace flexible and flex your budget

The way we work is changing. Don’t limit your space with permanent build outs that may not meet workplace needs in the future. Manage liquid workforces and evolving trends with Cubicall’s modular designs that move with the changes.

The perfect combo for a safe & productive office

let your workforce book rooms remotely while monitoring who used a room and when

If phone booths and meeting rooms have become the most sought after asset in your workplace, you’re not alone. A room management system ensures your team can access a room when they need it most while preventing “campers.”  But it’s also a great tool to conduct contact tracing should the need ever arise.

Interactive, real-time, and sustainable, Joan will help you improve the efficiency of your workspace. Joan prevents double bookings, confusion, and meeting interruptions while allowing you to monitor who used a booth and when.

Save on every Joan Device when you pair them with Cubicall Phone Booths Learn More

Place Joan directly on a phone booth and book it remotely through leading calendar services or an app.

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