Four Series

The Meeting Room

Cubicall Four Series, The Meeting Room, fits up to four persons and features the same great features as the original Cubicall modern phone booth. Increase productivity and maintain a professional and orderly office.

Cubicall4 keeps the collaboration going while giving your teams the privacy and focus they need.

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" efficient privacy solution to open-plan distractions."

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Build & Shipping

Our simple & modern meeting booths are the efficient solution for the shortcomings of open office space design. The modular design ships flat and is easily assembled within one hour. Our meeting pods utilize an innovative locking wall assembly that requires minimal tools and creates a robust structure.

Moving offices? No problem. The locking system also allows the booth to be easily disassembled, moved, and reassembled.

Space & Efficiency

Even though Cubicall 4 comfortably fits four persons inside, the footprint is less than 42” x 84” and stands under 8 feet high. Our dual bifold doors help Cubicall fit in smaller offices where every inch of space is critical. The doors utilize double pane glass that helps reduce noise bi-directionally.

To learn more about our space-saving, patent-pending bifold door, click here.

Acoustically Sound

Cubicall was made to give its occupants privacy. Therefore, we designed the booth to give an acoustically sound experience.  The walls are built with acoustic fill that absorbs a wide range of sound frequencies. The interior of the booth is finished with acoustic panels, which not only helps absorbs sound, but also delivers a modern, elegant look. The bi-folding doors utilize double pane glass that helps reduce noise bi-directionally.

All the Essentials

Cubicall is equipped with all the essentials for modern communications and workload.  Two USB outlets, 120-volt outlet, and Ethernet cables are built directly into the desk.  Through an automatic light switch, the low power, low heat LED lights turn-on when an occupant enters the meeting booth, and turn-off once they leave.  A powerful, yet, quiet fan built into the ceiling moves 110 cubic feet of air per minute, providing air circulation for a pleasant experience.


Our unique design allows for the customization of Cubicall to match your organization’s branding or communicate your brand’s marketing message.  Not only can the booth walls be finished in custom colors, but, we can also print custom graphics – both on the inside and outside of the booth.  The acoustic panels, vinyl seat & carpet are available in a variety of colors.

Made in the USA

Cubicall meeting booths are designed, engineered and manufactured in Los Angeles, California.

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