How Much Does Cubicall Cost?

The better question might be: How much is not having a booth costing you?

Consider the following:


Open office design, even with cubicles or partitions, have made us 15%-28% less productive.

Source: Forbes

Employee Morale

The biggest drain on employee morale by far and away is the lack of sound privacy and visual privacy in offices.

Source: HBR



Waste of Time

Workers lose 86 minutes a day to noise distractions. On average salary, that's $705 per employee per month!

Source: HBR

The Costs of No Privacy

The more we understand the shortcomings of open offices design and as employee backlash grows, more and more are recommending "quiet space" & "visual privacy" solutions, including: ForbesBBC, Fast Company, Wall Street Journal, and Harvard Business Review to name a few.

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Did You Know?

The costs of Cubicall booths are 100% tax deductible within the first year.

The 2018 Tax Plan Allows businesses to deduct the cost of depreciable assets in one year instead of amortizing them over several years.

Booths Start At $6,995

Or finance as low as $128 per month

Pricing includes:

  • Desk
  • Seat/Bench
  • Customization options
  • Fans for ventilation
  • Automatic LED lighting
  • 120v outlet with 2 USB charging ports
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A Privacy Solution for Everyone

All phone booths are customizable.

Cubicall Two Rolled Steel Phone Booth


Up to 2 occupants

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Meeting Room
Cubicall Four Winter Sky Phone Booth


Up to 4 occupants

Learn More
Isolation Pod


For patient care

Learn More
Limited Edition

Bill & Ted

Officially Licensed

Learn More

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