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Cubicall office and retail solutions provide isolated and acoustically sound workspaces — giving your team peace of mind.

Perfect for modern interior layouts, Cubicall works within your plan. No need for build outs, permits nor headaches.

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Science has proven providing privacy solutions and increasing workplace satisfaction increases productivity and morale.

Cubicall PhoneBooth-PhoneBooth-MeetingRoom

Phone Booths & Meeting Rooms

Cubicall phone booths and meetings rooms provide isolated and acoustically sound workspaces, communication pods, and safe collaboration rooms — giving your team peace of mind.  Modular & easily assembled, phone booths are must-have additions to the modern office.

   Video Conferencing
   Heads-Down Work
   Meeting Rooms
   Private Communications

Custom Isolation

Cubicall Matrix works around your current floor plans and furniture. These fully customizable solutions efficiently isolate your teams' current workstations.

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Cubicall Matrix Isolation Solution
Cubicall Meeting Room Divider

Partitions & Dividers

Limiting airborne contact and contributing to sound dampening, our modular barrier solutions are available in ready-to-ship designs or can be custom made to suit your needs.

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Easy Cleaning & Disinfection

Cubicall only utilizes premium quality materials that are safe to clean with household disinfectants, making it easy to maintain a safe work environment for your employees.

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