Custom Isolated Workspaces

Cubicall Matrix

The Matrix system from Cubicall isolates individual workspaces to limit airborne contact and deliver an acoustically sound experience.

The custom isolated workspace system can be built within ready floor plans and around current office furniture. Prepare your office for the new normal โ€” without the build outs, permits or headaches.

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Cubicall Matrix Isolation Solution




Science has proven giving employees more control of their workspace increases job satisfaction, productivity and morale.

Acoustically Sound
Limit Airborne Contact
Fully Customizable
Made in USA

Custom Isolation


Choose wood-based acoustic walls for better sound insulation and the option to finish in any color, premium material or custom graphics. Choose acrylic-based walls for a light and open ambience. Or, mix them together!

Ceiling & Flooring

Add additional ceiling and flooring to ensure better acoustical performance and further limit airborne contact. Or, utilize available floors and lighting for seamless integration within current layouts.


Add bifold or sliding doors to increase privacy. Go without doors to create open and inviting workspaces.

Cubicall Matrix Workspace Solution


Easy Cleaning & Disinfection

Cubicall only utilizes premium quality materials that are safe to clean with household disinfectants, making it easy to maintain a safe work environment for your employees.

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Custom Quotes

Cubicall Matrix solutions are fully customizable. Fill out the form below and provide a brief overview of your project and a design representative will get in touch. You may also call us at +1 888 965 0341.

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