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Showroom Phone Booth. 3 quantity available. Please read description in full.

An office essential. Perfect for private communication, heads-down work, virtual meetings or personal breaks from distractions. The Cubicall Two Series Phone Booth fits up to two persons side-by-side. With a footprint less than 42” x 42” and standing under 8 feet high, the bifold door ensures Cubicall fits within smaller offices where every inch of space is critical. This modern phone booth ships with all the essentials including: USB-A & USB-C ports, 3 standard 3-prong outlets, ethernet/cable feed, automatic LED lights, and dual fan air circulation.

This booth is a showroom sample and features:

  • Black powder coated aluminum framing (flat black)
  • Blue lapis acoustic panels
  • White laminate interior/exterior
  • White laminated desk
  • Pebbled black vinyl seat
  • Charcoal carpet

Standard ware from a showroom.  Minor scuff, scratches and powder coating imperfections. Most cannot be seen unless lighting glare hits it just right. No major cosmetic issues.  No functional issues.  Cubicall will honor manufacturer warranty for functional issues. Booth sold as is. No returns.

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38" x 38" x 84"


41.25" x 41.25" 88.5"


37.45" x 15.75" x 3", 34" from floor


36.25" x 14.375" x 5.65"; 20.75" from floor


USB-A and USB-C ports, three 120v outlets, Ethernet/cable feed; 120v power cable


Automatic 5000k LED lights with motion/occupancy sensor


Dual fan air circulation moving up to 108 cfm


Pallet/Skid with individually boxed elements


92" x 44" x 27"


665 lbs

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Weight 667 lbs
Dimensions 92 × 44 × 25 in