Cubicall Four Special Edition – Chicago


Cubicall Four Special Edition – Chicago; inspired by the city of Chicago flag of. The outside walls feature a graphic print of the flag, white interior walls, pool acoustic panels, white desk, black matte vinyl seats, and granite carpet. The Cubicall Four comfortably fits four persons inside. With a footprint less than 42” x 84” and standing under 8 feet high, the bi-folding door helps Cubicall fit in smaller offices where every inch of space is critical. This modern phone booth ships with all the essentials including: Four USB outlets, Two 120-volt outlets, grommet for ethernet connections, automatic LED lights, and two built-in fans. Cubicall ships flat and takes 90 minutes or less to set up and start using!*

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Phone Booth


42" x 84"


87 5/32"

Crate &


28" H x 52" W x 90" L


750 lbs

Build & Shipping

The modular design ships flat and is easily assembled within one hour. Moving offices? No problem. The locking system also allows the booth to be easily disassembled, moved, and reassembled.

Space & Efficiency

The footprint is less than 42” x 84” and stands under 8 feet high. Our bi-folding door helps Cubicall fit in smaller offices where every inch of space is critical.

Acoustically Sound

The walls are built with a honey-comb pulp-wood to dampen the sound flowing in and out of the booth. Inside, the booth is finished with acoustic panels, which not only helps absorbs sound, but also delivers a modern, elegant look.

All the Essentials

Cubicall is equipped with all the essentials for modern communications and workload, including USB & 120 volt outlets, ethernet connection & automatic LED lights.


Design your booth! Choose customer colors for the walls, acoustic panels, desk and carpet. Even print with your own custom graphics and branding!

Made in the USA

Cubicall phone booths are designed, engineered and manufactured in Los Angeles, California.

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Additional information

Weight 1400 lbs
Dimensions 90 × 44 × 44 in